Car Care And Safety

Owning a car is more than about the driving part, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. One big bulk that needs to be considered is the maintenance of the car; plus of course driving safe to avoid any accidents along the road.

Maintaining your luxury car is not that easy. It entails a lot of hard work (and a lot of cash). So experts say from the non-government, non-profit organization — The Alcohol and Drug Foundation Queensland(ADFQ) — share important reminders when it comes to cautious driving:

Driving With Care, an ADFQ program, is aimed at helping people to control risky behaviors involving driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

The Program is adapted for Driving With Care programs used in the United States and other countries, and it is unique in that it tackles the drinking/drug-use behavior as well as the driving behavior. The program is based on evidence of what is known to be effective, and was designed by internationally renowned psychologists, Kenneth Wanberg and Harvey Milkman.

Most people do not realize the great danger reckless driving can impose, until become victims themselves. The number of  vehicular accidents is the country is growing rapidly with each passing year. This is very alarming since most cases result in death of victims even before reaching the hospital for medical assistance.

Here are some photos from

Here’s a video showing some tragic and destructive crashes of luxury cars this year:

Exotic cars are available for you to rent from if you want to drive them without the needs of maintenance.